Since the 1995 conference held in Reading, the Society has awarded Honorary life memberships to members of the Society, in recognition of the individual’s contribution to the field of veterinary epidemiology, preventive medicine and economics.

The individuals who have received the award so far are:

Nomination is on an ad-hoc basis from the general membership, channelled though the president. The decision is made in consultation with the Executive Committee. Candidates for the award should normally be retired or close to retirement, as it is seen as recognition of a lifetime of service and contribution to the field. There does not have to be an award every year, and more than one nominee can be presented with the award in the same year.

Peter Ellis

Gareth Davies (deceased)

Michael Clarkson

Roger Eddy

Jack Done (deceased)

James Booth

Alex Russell

Mike Thrusfield

Edward A. Goodall

Martin Hugh-Jones

Dan Collins (deceased)

Wayne Martin

Frazer Menzies

Keith Howe

George Gettinby (deceased)

John Wilesmith

Kenton Morgan

Peter Cripps

Dominic Mellor

Laura Green

Andy Paterson

Stuart Reid

Hans-Hermann Thulke

Lis Alban